• What is SD?

    “Execute the businesses processes used in selling, shipping and billing of products and services that is nothing but Sales and Distribution.”

    • SD stands for Sales and Distribution module.
    • SAP ERP SD provides a complete sales management solution for a critical problem of industries.
    • SD is integrated with the MM and PP functional modules.
    • SD allows companies to input their customer sales price, check for open orders, etc.
    • It is a part of the logistics module that support your customers, starting from quotations, sales orders and all the way towards billing the customer.


  • Scope of SD

    • In SD module having the high career opportunities in India as well as global.
    • SD will stay core for most future Business Suite implementations, what does SAP strategies mean to experienced functional SD consultants.
    • Who interested in the sales side of SD and want to move further to Marketing, then the very large scope to here.
    • This module is tightly integrated with SD and Plant Maintenance (PM).

  • Syllabus For SD

    Introduction to ERP

    What is ERP?
    Why do we need ERP?
    Advantages of ERP
    Major ERP Packages

    SAP & R/3 Architecture

    What is SAP?
    History & Features of SAP
    SAP R/2 Architecture (Limitations of R/2 Architecture)
    SAP R/3 Architecture (Types of work processes)
    SAP R/3 Application Module
    SAP Landscape

    Introduction to SAP SD

    History of the SAP
    Different modules
    Introduction to SD

    Enterprise Structure Creation (IMG)

    Creation of Company,
    Company code,
    Sales Organization and associated Definition and assignment of subsequent Business structures.
    Credit Control

    Master data Sales and Distribution

    Creation of Masters – Customer and Material
    Impacts and Importance of masters and related IMG activities, Understanding of the concept of Partners


    Designing of pricing procedure and seeing its impact till the level of billing
    Creation of Access sequence
    Creation of condition types
    Creation of Records for automatic Pricing and related IMG activity

    Order Management

    Creation of sales Documents
    Overview on Sales Doc Types
    Overview on item categories and related IMG activities
    Effects of Masters on Sales Documents

    Special Functionalities in S & D

    Material Determination
    Item Proposal
    Text Control
    Output Control
    Partner Function


    Creation Of Outbound delivery With And Without Order Reference
    Collective Delivery document
    Goods Issue


    Billing Documents Creation
    Billing Doc Types
    Delivery Related Billing
    Invoice/Proforma Billing
    Posting to FI


    Sales Documents

    Overview of Sales Documents

    Cross Selling

    Overview on Cross-Selling

    Rush Order

    Overview on Rush Order

    Copy Control

    Effects of copy control in the Doc to flow
    Designing of copy control

    Free Goods

    Free goods

    Consignment Process

    Consignment Issue
    Consignment Fillup
    Consignment pickup
    Consignment return


    Creation of Report


    Data Migration

    Introduction to ABAP/4

    What is ABAP?
    Log on to SAP Environment
    Transaction Codes
    Multitasking Commands
    ABAP/4 Editor ( SE38 )
    Steps for Creating a Program
    Operators in ABAP

    ABAP Dictionary

    ABAP Dictionary Introduction
    Data Dictionary Functions
    Data Dictionary Objects
    Data Base Tables
    Data Elements
    Type Groups
    Search helps
    Lock objects
    Primary Key
    Table Maintenance Generator

    ABAP Query

    User Group
    Info set
    Make transaction

    Miscellaneous Topics

    Doubt solving
    Interview Questions
    CV preparation

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